Friday, April 29, 2011

Whats New?


Red flowering Currant- this one with chartreuse leaves!  Read Paghat's garden 
for more info... needs more shade- but beautiful foliage!!!!

Podocarpus alpinus 'Country park fire'- A low spreading evergreen shrub with bright red berries in fall, clinging to the bronze winter foliage, in spring the new shoots emerge creamy and quickly turn salmon pink then reddish and finally deep green. Low water needs

Podocarpus 'orangeade'  The dramatic orange new spring growth on this upright shrubby conifer becomes green in summer and a deep-bronzy-purple in winter.

Bald cypressPeve Minaret A unique dwarf Bald Cypress is a beautiful majestic pyramidal tree with very delicate, feathery foliage. Prefers moist soil, but will tolerate most conditions. Rare, new and great !

 Katsura tree- A beautiful landscape tree, Katsura tree has many desirable characteristics including a range of colors over the entire year that is second to none. The leaves of this tree emerge, not green, but a beautiful reddish purple. Then as the season progresses the leaves turn dark bluish green. In the fall things get exciting. The fall color of this tree varies from an intense yellow. In some cases, however, they turn a gorgeous apricot orange that is quite memorable. To add to the autumn pizzazz, as the leaves fall they give off a modestly spicy odor making you think of cotton candy. But the performance is not over. Once bereft of leaves, Katsuratree bark takes over the show with a beautiful pattern of slight exfoliation and medium gray color that is generally very handsome.

Elderberry -Intensely flavored fruit with a rich aroma. Bountiful harvest ripens in August. Extremely hardy, tall shrub grows 12-14 ft.  Plant two varieties for improved pollination, extended harvest period and top yields. York—Quickest to bear, often in its second year. Ripens late August. Nova—Great for pies, jelly and wine. Ripens two weeks before York.

Honeyberry  A delicious berry!

Gold leaved Barberry- columnar and shrub