Thursday, October 14, 2010

The season of change...

It's time...
Get out there!   Get dirty.  Get in the Garden!
Every time I work in the soil I try to remember to give thanks.
How lucky I am...
to spend time so close to the Great Mother herself!

Trim back dead wood on trees and shrubs
build new beds
Dig and divide spring blooming perennials
Clean up evergreen foliage by trimming or combing away the dead leaves.
Old roses (pre-1849)  remove dead wood and cut back lightly-remember they bloom on year old canes- so do not hard prune them.
Modern roses- trim back by 1/3- do not prune back hard-any new canes will not be hardened off properly before it gets cold

 If you are one 
to clean up leaf debris (I am not) this is a good time to start a leaf compost pile or rake all debris and sheet mulch an area to be planted in spring.
I rake the leaves off of the lawn and into garden beds to let the worms do their work.

If you are growing Evergreen Huckleberries-the harvest season is here!
And a yummy recipe I tasted at my friends house yesterday.

A tasty topping for fresh baked bread...

Huckleberries 1/2 cup
garlic 1tsp
olive oil  1/2 cup 
salt to taste
chopped curly parsley 1/4 cup

See ya around!