Saturday, December 27, 2014

What the heck is the Village green?

Uncategorized...The Village green by definition: community gathering space...
My business is hard to define, though it has many functions and operates as an organic garden center/nursery where I or others teach (to name a few) organic gardening, beekeeping, food production, Food Forest workshops, Herbalism, wreath making, pottery, and even blacksmithing...
what can I say...I'm an information/how to junkie :)
   This land was once's been  used for agriculture for over 35 years.  For years it was maintained with chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Nary a frog nor  snake on the property was to be seen the first 5 years I lived here....but now, it's  returning...
056 This property  has a large backyard where the very important water  filtration/surface water and street runoff cuts through the land and where much of  the plant filtration is most necessary. This piece of property hosts many trees  where the wildlife lives and thrives.  The property is linked to a wetland and is in  the process of being deemed a protected wetland area. This is also the lowest  property on the street, so all of the water in the surrounding neighborhoods, north,  south and east of here filters through this particular piece of land, and flows directly into the Puget sound.
   Just this year after 8 yrs of releasing frogs we hear them in the yard. The diversity of birds here is incredible and has multiplied over the years!. The many educational opportunities here are beyond comprehension. The creek that once had fish no longer runs through BECAUSE of the development of what is now Safeway and condos on 26th/28th SW.
  In the  11 years of living here I've transformed this property from a chemical garden to and abundant healthy organic garden and it's healing. The wildlife is returning! FROGS AGAIN! Just recently neighbor found a salamander in her yard! There is a drainage ditch that moves surface water to the Puget sound which means...My creek drains INTO PUGET SOUND. The hard work and efforts I've put into this property holds proof that I'm transforming the ecosystems here. That alone means something. I'll save this property if it kills me. There's proof here that the land can heal and the ripple effect is happening in my neighborhood. I'm in tears. Of joy, pride, opportunity and a deep powerful sense of knowing everything will work out. The community here will not stand by and allow development to happen here I can guarantee it.
   There are many workshops on the calendar that will help to offer education, collaboration,  community building and so much more.  I work with my community on clean up projects,  planting for wildlife, addressing water cleanliness, runoff and filtration. I also teach  continuing education classes to Boeing employees through a program designed to bring  employees together, build morale and create healthy working  relations among members and  staff.
  I regularly schedule guest teachers for workshops and educational programs. Additionally we  have hosted many guest speakers and authors over the years.
We will be open on specified dates. PLEASE refer to the calendar for plant sales, classes, workshops and specials events IMG_1233
If you would like to get involved, teach a workshop or volunteer here, we welcome you to do so.
This property is a piece of local history and offers an abundance of educational opportunity
Please email us at
Vera Johnson

Easter baskets/miniature gardens

Easter baskets/miniature gardens   $85   5 min, max 12

Grab a basket and fill it with your favorite flowers to create a colorful table display or decorative container for your porch or entryway.
Choose from violas, pansies, narcissus, hyacinth and other seasonal color/availability.
Add special touches like small tables and chairs and garden miniatures from our own handcrafted miniatures collections (limit to 5 miniature handcrafted pieces each) use colorful glass to make pathways. If you have grand kids, they love to see these mini gardens, creating all sorts of stories to go with this! Great place to hide an egg...HINT

Class includes:  basket and liner, soil, fertilizers, 3-5 plants, 5 clay miniatures crafted here in our pottery studio, glass pieces for pathways, loads of fun and inspiration!

Monday, November 24, 2014

My latest upcycle project

 Easy and fun. Oh so beautiful!

Holiday Wreath workshop

We gathered together and went for a walk in the yard. We foraged for interesting bits of natures beauty to create our holiday wreaths.
Who could have imagined what would happen when you look at the fallen lichen covered branches, rose hips and red twigs as artful decorations?
The freedom to create with natural materials is a deeply woven part of our human makeup, yet we seldom get the chance to fully embrace it. Here, we
were given the chance, and look at the joyful expressions and pride felt by the masters of their works!
I teach these workshops 3 times in the Holiday season. To take a workshop, please sign up for the mailing list so you will know when they are happening.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Wheel throwing for beginners

Mondays 5:30-7:30
Wheel throwing for beginners. Skilled throwers can buy studio time and have access to the studio during specified hours

Class includes:
1 bag with class sign up  ($15 bag for sale here if you need more)
We use only white clay at this studio.
6 week evening class, with 5 weekly open studio days available to you.
Saturdays/Sunday 10-4pm for 5 weeks of class.
We have clean up standards to keep in the studio, so please help to maintain cleanliness in the studio. We’ll cover it in the first class.
Please park on Street… dress warm, the studio gets chilly (fall and winter, definitely, but summer too-it's nice and cool)
Questions, please call 206-767-7735
Village Green Perennial Nursery
10223 26th Ave Sw Seattle Wa. 98146
Vera will be teaching.  Call to register, come in or paypal for class.
I have been working with clay for over 17yrs and been teaching it for 8 years to a small group of people, and now formally teaching. I studied under Dana Sanderson, (photographer, potter, archeologist) Dana taught at Southwest Community center and Alki bath house.

Blacksmith classes

Basic introduction to blacksmithing. 3 workshops to choose from. Skill level, beginner to intermediate. 
8 and up is best, adults are welcome to sign up with kids!

I can only take 2 people at a time in the shop.
Learn how to taper, draw out and scroll hot steel to form shapes for functional items, such as a fire poker, a towel rack or scrolled trivet.  A lesson in Physics!       I am not a knife maker. knives require special heat treating and annealing, however we can make the shapes if return student would like to try it.
S1,  11-1  Saturday's beginning October 18 (runs 4 weeks) $180 11-2pm
S2  6-9pm  begins  Wednesday October 22nd,  evening  6-9pm (special 2 night project/class) We will make  a camp cook set. A very useful camping tool! This class is $190 plus $25 materials fee.S3 6-9pm begins Wednesday November 5,  evening  6-9pm (special 2 night project/class) We will make  a camp cook set. A very useful camping tool! This class is $190 plus $25 materials fee.
S4 6-9pm begins Wednesday November 19,  evening  6-9pm (special 2 night project/class) a small trellis for your garden plants/vines.   This class is $190 plus $25 materials fee.
IMG_6258 (640x427)   IMG_20140105_135523  IMG_20140107_142357
Must sing a waiver. Village Green/Vera Johnson is not responsible for any injuries
IMG_20140107_123453 036
We'll hammer iron, learn proper posture and holding techniques, shop safety and more
I'll demo then you can try your 'arm and hammer'
Must wear canvas or denim pants, fitted cotton long sleeve shirt, wear layers. Flannel shirt, denim shirt, leather shoes. No synthetic materials. They can melt and burn skin.
Hair must be tied back. NO Fleece, no baggy clothes.
I would be willing to discuss the hourly rental of the studio with interested adults.
I have been a practicing blacksmith for over 15 years, taking classes from Scott Shattuck at the Duwamish trade center through SSCC, Continuing my education through weekend workshops with David Lisch, master damascus knife maker (I do not make knives,
we practiced other skills) and apprenticed for Shannon Buckner of 'Bent productions'
camp cook set
Vera 206-819-8544
10223 26th Ave SW Seattle Wa 98146 
Street parking. Shop is onsite at Village Green