Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hendrikus Organic Fertilizer

Hendrikus organic fertilizers
this is the only fertilizer  we carry, as recommended by Ciscoe Morris himself!
specially formulated blends for specific applications- I use it in all my you are taking some home with each plant grown here!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Soil Soup

We will have soil soup tea for sale on Sunday the 28th
$10 a gallon

Beneficial bacteria are grown in Soil Soup by providing air while the tea brews. The billions of bacteria that live in the aerobic compost tea will live on leaf surfaces and eat detrimental fungi that cause disease.They will also thrive i...n the top 4"-6" of soil (where the air is!) and break down solid organic matter into components that the plants can use. Soil Soup is AWESOME!
  It is the fastest way to improve soil tilth that I have ever experienced, and I am completely biased. :) I appreciate success!

Harvest your garlic, eat your beans

if the tops of your garlic are turning brown and dying back...
they are ready to harvest

beets and root vegetables are ready to start harvesting, small harvests...unless you are canning/storing
beans are ready and delicious steamed or stir fried
potatoes, dig only what you need, leave them in the ground...
they taste oh so buttery and delicious!

now is the time to keep things well watered- 

if you have lots of green tomatoes-the larger varieties(not cherries) hold off on water to encourage them to start changing color...

you can sow seeds of root veggies for fall crops, and lettuces, kale and spinach

We are getting lettuce and kale starts going, they will be ready in a few weeks!

Also, best time to prune old rose varieties...old rose varieties predate 1864...very different from 'in the ground for 20 years'
Please ask questions!

Black leaved plants

Albizia Summer chocolate-ooooweee!!

That is a gorgeous tree!

geranium cheryl's shadow

Monday, August 22, 2011

Donations - call it what you like

Hi all,
This is not any easy thing to do...see, I'm used to being the one to offer help to others, not the other way around, it's not my style to ask for help...
it's being brought to my attention in a rather unappealing way, that I better shift my ability to ask for and accept help.

Yes, I put a 'Donation' button on my Blog...
What's wrong with wanting to keep my house, business and community

I want to continue to gather people together in a beautiful environment,
share this beautiful piece of property with those who can appreciate it,
continue to offer garden advice/plant suggestions, yet encourage budding gardeners to empower themselves with information and not be afraid to try/trust and learn, AND encourage sustainability -remember if we forget to support local and independent, we lose them to the big boxes!
offer organic plants, soil conditioners, educate about soils, and fertilizers,
encourage earth friendly garden practices,
host classes of many kids, garden, herbal, food and Art
offer a space for local creatives to launch their talents?
And let's not forget- this is a natural choice for Weddings.
 Weddings are something I've wanted to host here since the day I bought this beautiful land and began renovating it…
adding more gardens, outbuildings, removing invasive plants and committing myself to this community,
We participate in White Center beautification projects, donate to local schools for fundraisers, donate to the local food banks, attend community events, and all manner of support for a community I've chosen to call my home.
 I'm not one to ever toot my own horn, however, this particular event in my life is certainly challenging me to actually stop and look at my own cause. I need the support of my community to stay here.
  I will leave here if that is what it comes down to, and feel certain I will have no problem finding a place for myself outside of White Center and Village Green, but I do not want to leave.
 I can't even stand the thought of this property becoming 64 condominiums.

So, I am reaching out to the community, asking for donations, possible investors or any other sort of financial help that anyone can possibly offer.
 I am up against Dragons and am not sure I have a large enough sword.   I have felt the support from the community and will continue to bring light to this foreclosure issue for it is destroying the lives of so many!
 We all know we are in an economic crises- I'm obviously not the only one, but the banks are not even giving these so called modifications, people are suffering emotionally and financially, which puts way too much strain on healthy living of any real kind.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wedding venue West Seattle

Village Green Nursery is a beautiful urban garden on a 2 acre woodland setting, with tall trees, giant Rhododendrons, ancient rose bushes, bubbling pond, and winding trails leading you through the garden. The front garden is a beautiful place to have a wedding ceremony or for pictures.

 "On site Professional Harpist"  $300 for prelude, ceremony and postlude
wedding march, vows, Postlude is 20 minutes or so after recessional as people get up and move around

Wedding Rental

Wedding party may choose caterer of choice.
Wedding party provides  tables, chairs, tents and linens.
Wedding party is responsible for set up before, and clean up after the event.
We will have limited garbage containers/bags available.
Village Green does have basic indoor facilities-bathroom with toilet and sink. There is a small area for dressing.
We can accommodate 100-150 guests

deposit- upon  removal and clean up of all wedding party items.
This acts as a damage deposit, as well.
Flowers and catering available upon request.
'Corkage fee' if providing your own flowers and catering.

Photos only.$75 hour for use fee

Fruit trees

All fruit trees and shrubs 50% off this weekend!

Aronia berries
I ate the BEST gooseberry pie made by Kate McDermott -"Art of the Pie"
Seriously...she is someone I want in my life, forever!
Kate's pies are truly edible art!