Friday, August 26, 2011

Harvest your garlic, eat your beans

if the tops of your garlic are turning brown and dying back...
they are ready to harvest

beets and root vegetables are ready to start harvesting, small harvests...unless you are canning/storing
beans are ready and delicious steamed or stir fried
potatoes, dig only what you need, leave them in the ground...
they taste oh so buttery and delicious!

now is the time to keep things well watered- 

if you have lots of green tomatoes-the larger varieties(not cherries) hold off on water to encourage them to start changing color...

you can sow seeds of root veggies for fall crops, and lettuces, kale and spinach

We are getting lettuce and kale starts going, they will be ready in a few weeks!

Also, best time to prune old rose varieties...old rose varieties predate 1864...very different from 'in the ground for 20 years'
Please ask questions!