Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New email address

I'm in the middle of a huge revamp, email, website and more....
My new permanent email address will be available soon... please use in the meantime
Thank you!

sorry for any and all confusion-this is a huge makeover.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wine tasting

We are 'branching out...'
Check it out!!!
Sodovino... local Award winning winery will be hosting a Wine tasting here at Village Green

Join us for a tasting on the 1st at 3pm.

Live music:
Harpist: Johanna
Trained in classical and Scottish Irish traditional music.
She plays weddings....just saying.
Weds-Friday 11-6
Sat/Sunday 10-4:30
check out our Blog

Village Green Perennial Nursery
10223 26th Ave SW Seattle Wa. 98146

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Southwest community center is at risk of closing!!!

Homeschoolers!!! community members!!!
 The time to act is NOW if we want to save SWCC!!


 Take 5 minutes of your time TODAY and:

 *Write to the members of the CityCouncil:

 Before September 26th, have each member of your family (including your kids) write a letter or email.  Let's flood city council members' offices with stories of how SWCC has positively impacted the lives of people and families in our community.

  *Contact the Mayor:

 *Join us on Facebook

 Create a stronger impact and:

 * Attend a City Council Meeting and let yourvoice be heard
There will be a public hearing this Thursday, September 22nd at 9am. It will be held at City Hall (600 4th Ave.) Plan to attend if at all possible. This will be our best opportunity to make our case before the council prior to the Mayor's budget presentation. Consider attending with signs and/or speaking for three minutes.

 *Attend the Brainstorming Meeting for our Family Learning Program
We are organizing a brainstorming meeting to map out our plans for the future of our homeschooling program on the morning of October 30th. Details will follow once confirmed.


 *Ask everyone you know to join, share and spread the news. We hope to rapidly spread awareness of these proposed changes so we can fight in numbers. Tell all your friends (even those who may have never used SWCC) what an asset the center is to our community.

 Just think of what a fantastic civics lesson this could all be for all our kids! Let's show them that we CAN make a difference.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Japanese Maples

Fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs...
We have a diverse collection of Japanes maple trees to choose from
The vibrant fall color helps in choosong the  Japanes Maple that would make a nice complement to you yard and garden.

Shop early for best selection
Dwarf varieties and named cultivars available

Weds-Friday 11-6
Sat/Sunday 10-4:30

10223 26th Ave SW Seattle Wa. 98146

Garden clubs Welcome!

We are happy to welcome Garden clubs and Tour groups.
Walk through 2 acres of gardens, with many collectors plants, ancient Rodedenrons, mature Paper Birch trees, old roses and much more.
We are happy to work with your group.

Please call for an appointement.
ask for Vera

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Soil soup/soil building

Why use it?
Beneficial bacteria are grown in Soil Soup by providing air while the tea brews. The billions of bacteria that live in the aerobic compost tea will live on leaf surfaces and eat detrimental fungi that cause disease.They will also thrive in the top 4"-6" of soil (where the air is!) and break down solid organic matter into components that the plants can use. Soil Soup is AWESOME! It is the fastest way to improve soil tilth that I have ever experienced, and I am completely biased. :) I appreciate success!

SoilSoup greatly improves the tilth of the soil by infusing it with billions of microbes to help meet the carbon needs of your garden.
Why are microbes so important?
• They form a complex symbiotic relationship with roots
• Microbes trap nitrogen and make it plant available
• They convert rocks and clay into plant available fertilizer
• They make hormones and other chemical agents required for growth
• They degrade harmful manmade chemicals left in the soil
• They produce glue like material that improves soil structure and increases water retention.

Fruit trees/berries

Columnar apple
Asian pear
Fig trees (dwarf- can be grown in a container)
Aronia Berry
Huckleberries- red
Evergreen hucks- blue


Fall vegetables plant now for fall/winter harvest....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hendrikus organic fertilizers

Hendrikus organic fertilizers
StartRight Organic Plant Starter

StartRight is a balanced combination of endo-ecto mycorrhizae in a bio-stimulant nutrient base to assist new plants and transplants in their development of root systems and new hair roots. The name "Mycorrhizae" is Greek for fungus roots and it describes the mutually beneficial symbioses between these soil fungi and plant roots. A teaspoon of healthy soil can contain several miles of mycorrhizal filaments that play a fundamental role in establishing and extending root systems, improving plant nutrient and water uptake, disease resistance and plant growth, while reducing transplant shock and drought stress. StartRight re-establishes these essential soil fungi for healthy plant development.

Organic fertilizers

Hendrikus fertilizers...
Organibloom....medicinal herbs LOVE this stuff!!!
HuMagic is a rich, dark, natural humate, mined from a sole organic deposit of carbon-rich humate from both vegetative & marine compounds. This sole mine produces one of the finest humates on the market, rich in active, available humic and fulvic acids, organic carbon & natural trace elements. Used regularly HuMagic decreases your need for fertilizers as it enhances your soil's beneficial biology and ability to uptake nutrients.

Humic substances are the backbone of organic matter in soils and play an important role in soil fertility.
Physically: they function to improve soil structure, workability, porosity, water holding capacity, cation and anion exchange.
Biologically: they enhance the activities of beneficial micro-organisms, stimulating their growth and proliferation; increase plant cell energy and accelerate cell division; stimulate plant enzymes; increase root system development; and aid in photosynthesis.
Chemically: they chelate beneficial inorganic plant nutrients, especially iron and phosphorus into a stable soluble form available to plants; protect plants from harmful elements by making them insoluble.
Nutritionally: they improve water uptake by plants; enhance uptake of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur, benefitting micro-organisms that in turn benefit the plants. They act as catalysts for fertilizer to increase nutrition in plant tissues.

Time to fertilize for fall...
Organic vegetable starts are here!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dig IT Vera Johnson: Fall gardening

Dig IT Vera Johnson: Fall gardening

Fall gardening

Evergreen huckleberriess,
Red huckleberries, 
Red flowering currant

plus- fall veggies and more...on the way

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall Vegetables

Organic fall veggies on the way
swiss chard
lettuce- a few varieties