Thursday, September 22, 2011

Southwest community center is at risk of closing!!!

Homeschoolers!!! community members!!!
 The time to act is NOW if we want to save SWCC!!


 Take 5 minutes of your time TODAY and:

 *Write to the members of the CityCouncil:

 Before September 26th, have each member of your family (including your kids) write a letter or email.  Let's flood city council members' offices with stories of how SWCC has positively impacted the lives of people and families in our community.

  *Contact the Mayor:

 *Join us on Facebook

 Create a stronger impact and:

 * Attend a City Council Meeting and let yourvoice be heard
There will be a public hearing this Thursday, September 22nd at 9am. It will be held at City Hall (600 4th Ave.) Plan to attend if at all possible. This will be our best opportunity to make our case before the council prior to the Mayor's budget presentation. Consider attending with signs and/or speaking for three minutes.

 *Attend the Brainstorming Meeting for our Family Learning Program
We are organizing a brainstorming meeting to map out our plans for the future of our homeschooling program on the morning of October 30th. Details will follow once confirmed.


 *Ask everyone you know to join, share and spread the news. We hope to rapidly spread awareness of these proposed changes so we can fight in numbers. Tell all your friends (even those who may have never used SWCC) what an asset the center is to our community.

 Just think of what a fantastic civics lesson this could all be for all our kids! Let's show them that we CAN make a difference.