Sunday, December 29, 2013

Adult pottery

Pottery classes,   (beginner level)
Adults. 6 classes  $165   (limit 6 students)

Vera will be teaching.  Call to register, come in or paypal for class.
Mondays Jan 27 -Feb 3  6:30-8:30 $165

Hand building. Learn the basics of hand building, score, slip, coils, pinch pots, beads or any sort of sculpture. Let your imagination guide you.
Class includes:
1 bag with class sign up  ($15 bag for sale here if you need more)
(Second time students can try the wheel)
We use only white clay at this studio.
6 week evening class, with 5 weekly open studio days available to you.
Saturdays/Sunday 11-4pm for 5 weeks of class.
We have clean up standards to keep in the studio, so please help to maintain cleanliness in the studio. We'll cover it in the first class.

Please park on Street... dress warm, the studio gets chilly
Questions, please call 206-767-7735
Village Green Perennial Nursery
10223 26th Ave Sw Seattle Wa. 98146

Friday, December 27, 2013

Parent/child or 2 teens blacksmith workshop

Jan 7, 9  2014 1-2:30pm (FULL)     or    Jan 14, 16 1-2:30pm
 Two classes per session, please call to confirm your sign up
or Call to schedule a class $165
only 1 parent/child per class, so please call or email to confirm.
Must sing a release waiver.
7 and up is best,
Very basic introduction to blacksmith
Skill level, beginner. We'll choose an easy project, a fire poker, or an S hook.
We'll hammer iron, learn proper posture and holding techniques, shop safety and more
I'll demo then you can try your 'arm and hammer'
Must wear canvas or denim pants, fitted cotton long sleeve shirt, wear layers. Flannel shirt, denim shirt, leather shoes. No synthetic materials. They can melt and burn skin.
Hair must be tied back. NO Fleece, no baggy clothes.
Can offer private instruction.
Bring goggles, leather gloves if you have them

Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy holidays to you and your family!


 Season's Greetings!

                                         Happy holiday's to you and your family!
   What a wonderful Holiday season we have had, many thanks to you all for the support. The tree lot was a huge success and Mardi had a great time here crafting beautiful one of a kind wreaths and garland. She will still be here making them, however the trees are ending soon. If you'd like to place an order for Garland or Wreath, please contact here directly. 206-718-0126.

   The Village Green pottery studio is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Vera is onsite those days, typically in the studio. I have many gift items, including some of my photography printed on aluminum. Small Pottery items (what's left after the Studio tour sale) and some hand forged items like wreath hooks for over the door, towel racks, and plant hangers, as well as the fire pit cook set.  I also have copies of  Debra Prinzing's books for sale.  Photographs by David Perry. A great gift for the gardener! 

   Many stated to me over the holiday sales they had no idea that I work all these crafts. (there's even more!!!)  I have not made it widely known as I was not ready to teach them until now, good news!  I am ready to offer classes, workshops and studio time here. I post the classes on my website events page. I plan to offer retreat weekends hosting guest teachers, skilled in the art of Floral arrangement, herbal medicines, cooking and healthy food options, healthy soils, compost toilets outdoor pizza oven building and more.   

   My dream is and has always been for Village Green to become the HUB in White Center for collaboration, education and community. If you want us to remain here, please offer us your time and assistance in making this happen. It really does take a Village. 
        We welcome volunteers to assist in this venture. If you have an idea and want a venue for house concerts, music in the gardens, food workshops, instructional workshops, hands on creative work, private tours, outdoor movies, Yoga retreats, please share! What would you like to teach or share?   See photos for wedding space ideas.  Village Green has always served as a healing space for me.  I plan to work towards that as a use of this terrific space.
     The blue house on the property is available for rent as a furnished home through
if you have family coming to town.  
                                 A sneak peak at the house, 'Tall cedars cottage' 
   If you would like to know more or participate in creating an event here, please call or write for more information. Please enjoy the changes and help us to grow into a space that is even more beneficial to this community.

                                                  Referrals are the best compliment
           Thank you loyal customers for choosing this family owned and operated business.
              Shopping local does make a difference.  

               We support the White Center food bank, local schools, 
         fundraisers, community events, and local music/art 
   Follow us on Twitter  Find me on Pinterest  Like us on Facebook 
  10223 26th Ave SW Seattle Wa. 98146 
  Your West Seattle Neighborhood Nursery
Serving West Seattle, White Center, Burien 
 Forward this email  

Happy holidays. Spread the warmth. Give a secret gift to someone who may not have a Christmas otherwise.

Today is the last day to turn in the giving tree donations for Jubilee women's shelter, from the Village Green giving tree.
If you'd still like to give a gift, please send a gift card redeemable to Fred Meyer, Target, Ross to Jubilee women's shelter.

Jubilee Women's Center
620 18th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112
p (206) 957-5512 / f (206) 329-3320 / Check out Jubilee's blog!

Rebuilding lives, one extraordinary woman at a time

Please note that you are making a contribution in connection to Village Green.

Thank you

Vera Johnson and Mardi Ledbetter

Monday, November 25, 2013

Today I was scheduled to meet with Obama

November 25, 2013

I had a meeting with the president. Today. Obama.

He is coming to Seattle for 2 days, we were to have a meeting about the ACA and my personal story, as well as many others.   I was not allowed to tell anyone of this upcoming meeting.   It was top secret...        
     It was cancelled.  I came so close to meeting with him.
Yesterday the Governor's office wrote me to say the event was cancelled. They will try to set up another appt for another time.

sigh....another one slips away...
until next time

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Kimono and the Empress Tree

The Kimono and the Empress Tree

There is an ancient Japanese tradition for a family to plant an Empress Tree when a daughter is born. With delicate purple flowers in the spring and umbrella sized leaves, the 'Paulownia tomentosa' proved to mature at the same pace as the growing child. As tradition recalls, when the daughter was engaged to be wed, her tree would then be harvested and the lumber used to build a chest to store her Kimono.
The properties of Paulownia wood are perfectly suited to protect the delicate silk Kimonos.    During months of high humidity, the wood would protect the Kimono from mildew by absorbing the moisture. During the dry months, the wood contracted to allow air to pass through so the Kimono could breath.
Today, the Paulownia and the Kimono continue to be perfectly suited together, with no synthetic material capable of responding as well to the needs of the silk Kimono. While the Paulownia is a non-native plant to our area, it has proved to be incredibly prolific and beneficial. At maturity, an Empress Tree can absorb almost 25 gallons of waste water per year, release about 15 lbs of oxygen per day and is able to remove close to 50 lbs of carbon dioxide each year.

Written by

Georgia Doremus 
WWOOFER at Village Green Nov 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Life happens. I try to let it.

I had an idea or revelation about procrastination. I don't buy into the 'plan ahead' theory all the time.
In fact, most of the time I think it's BS....I know what you are thinking....lazy. But hear me out....
Let's say that I decide to plan a party in 4 weeks/6 months... does that really mean I need to do all the work in the first week?
No. It means I have to have an overall (loose) idea or plan, but does that mean I need to know how every detail is going to play out? No....I mean, really-HOW can I? things take time to unfold. To grow.
So, as I see it, it's like a seed being planted, that needs time to stratify (chill) before it emerges into a beautiful thriving blooming plant.  See where I'm going?
Allowing things to happen organically is how I try to take life, events and 'plans'
That is not always comfortable for everyone, as a matter of fact, it's downright maddening for some. I'm not generalizing all events or planning, so let's not get into a heated debate over that.
So, here's an example....much simpler than planning a party...the sink is full of dirty dishes and no one is home but me, the laundry is piled up, the floor needs vacuumed.
  I really want to do my Yoga, read, write or any other hobby that I have. It will still be there when I come back, I'm sure of it, and perhaps I'll be in a better state of mind to do these tasks, with a sense of gratitude, because I took care of myself before I did something that will recreate itself moments after I finish it.  I mean really, haven't you ever noticed how the minute you wash all the dishes, within minutes, there's a cup or a bowl or dirt on a freshly swept floor....
My yoga time does not multiply so rapidly, nor does my creative I procrastinate. 
And you know what? Something really amazing always happens when I go with the feeling I have of letting it go for a bit. Something magical always comes out of it. An inspired thought, clear insight, a new understanding of myself.
Something  I read one time on a plaque somewhere said 'Boring people have immaculate houses' and let me tell you, I am NOT boring. So, next time you drop by my house and things are 'out of order' as they almost always are, I'll show you some really great project I've been working on and it will all make sense.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pop up Holiday gift sale



                     November 22 and 23rd 5-9pm             

               At the 'Tall cedars cottage'  10203 26th Ave SW 

            (next door to Village Green Perennial Nursery)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wedding Venue, Event space West Seattle

Do you have a special event to plan? Do you need a beautiful natural space to plan a retreat, play music, host a workshop, hold a garden club meeting or serve a catered meal? We have the space. 

Village Green Perennial Nursery is a beautiful urban garden on a 2-acre woodland setting with tall trees, giant Rhododendrons, ancient rose bushes, a pond and winding trails leading you through the garden. The front garden is a lovely place to take pictures or hold an intimate wedding ceremony. There are numerous other spaces available for holding classes, workshops, and other events. Located in White Center, Village Green provides an enchanting, natural refuge from the city.

Want to book an event at Village Green? Please provide us with the following information so that we may efficiently respond to your event inquiry.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Adult beginner black smithing

Adult blacksmithing  November 9th 12-2pm
2 hour workshop  $100 or $175 for 2 people
Take 3 classes and you are eligible to use the shop on an hourly rental rate of $25hr

Very basic introduction to blacksmithing. Have you ever wanted to hammer some iron, bend some shapes or play with fire?

Cool! No-HOT! come join me!

Skill level, beginner. We'll choose and easy project, a fire poker, or an S hook.
We'll hammer iron to a point, learn proper posture and holding technique.
Must wear canvas or denim pants, fitted cotton long sleeve shirt, wear layers. Flannel shirt, denim shirt, leather shoes. No synthetic materials. They can melt and burn skin.
Hair must be tied back. NO Fleece, no baggy clothes. Must sign a waiver. Village Green is not responsible for any injuries
P1010451 P1010558 
2 student max for this class, grab a buddy, call to confirm.
Vera 206-819-8544
10223 26th Ave SW down in the back, street parking

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hammer time...

Perspective, gratitude, blessings.
            Today, I am going to my blacksmith shop. Perhaps I'll hammer out some of my stress and anxieties while in the shop, or maybe I'll just open my heart and mind and see where I let go.
    I have not lit the forge in nearly 8 months. It's a Full moon eclipse today.  Seems like a great day for this ceremonial lighting.
    I have been thinking of the many useful objects I want to make for my home, and I do believe I've settled in on a specific item for the day. Curtain rods. Simple, functional and very much needed. Why does it take me so long to be practical???
     Who knows, and who cares? I'm just going to do this and stay in touch with my creative spark. I'll scrounge up all the reasons for the answers later....
   The full moon has a great influence on me and always has. I never know what will arise for me around the full moon. Typically it's a very emotional, heavy, thoughtful time of restlessness and indecision ending with a deep excavation of hidden feelings. The relief finally comes the day of the full moon when I awake with feelings of clarity. 
   I am riding the waves of anger and repressed feelings. Vulnerability has kicked my butt a few times this year and I'm committed to staying true to myself, moving forward while harming no one on my journey.          
   I have a reason for being here, on this planet, but also in this physical space. No one can take that away from me, and as I work on me, uncovering and healing I will be rewarded with the authentic me.
    I can own my power and move forward with courage and confidence. The only way to lose that is to give it away. That will not happen again. I am in full bloom. My wings are opening and I am embracing my full potential.

  I am filled with gratitude for the many gifts in my life. I have a place to do my work. My life is my art.
 This property has some very powerful healing energy. I have barely scratched the surface. My heart is full of love. For all.

    One of my daily practices is to send love and light to all, especially to those who have harmed me directly. Those who cause harm to others are not well, hurting somewhere inside. I wish goodness and healing to all. Love and compassion.
Today the Full moon has brought me to a new level of awareness.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Holiday lights and wine

Vera Holiday lights and wine on Saturday November 16 7-9pmFall Garden lighting
Lighted balls: These festive lights make great holiday or party lights. Hang them for special occasions or leave them up. Beautiful piled in baskets, as a holiday gift or to light a table. The uses are endless, yet elegant. Bring a pair of lightweight gloves and some needle nose pliers if you have them.
 $45 plus $15 materials fee 2 hr class. 

8 maximum in class, 6 min to make the class.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wednesday Moms day camp

Moms craft up Wednesdays series with Vera and Jodi from
10am-12:00 pm. while the kids are at school.  Street parking.

***Week 1 October 30th    homemade mustards  with Jodi (from Coffee to a Tea)

***Week 2 November 6th  
 Holiday lights with Vera
 These festive lights make great holiday or party lights. Hang them for special occasions or leave them up. Beautiful piled in baskets, as a holiday gift or to light a table. The uses are endless, yet elegant. $45 plus $15 materials fee 2 hr class.  8 maximum in class, 6 min to make the class.

***Week 3 Flavored vinegars with Jodi (from Coffee to a Tea)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Parent/child blacksmith class

One class per session, choose one of these dates, please call to confirm your date.
Call to schedule a class
only 1 parent/child per class, so please call or email to confirm.
Must sing a waiver. Village Green is not responsible for any injuries
7 and up is best,
Very basic introduction to blacksmith
Skill level, beginner. We'll choose an easy project, a fire poker, or an S hook.
We'll hammer iron, learn proper posture and holding techniques, shop safety and more
I'll demo then you can try your 'arm and hammer'
Must wear canvas or denim pants, fitted cotton long sleeve shirt, wear layers. Flannel shirt, denim shirt, leather shoes. No synthetic materials. They can melt and burn skin.
Hair must be tied back. NO Fleece, no baggy clothes.

Vera 206-819-8544
10223 26th Ave SW Seattle Wa 98146 
Street parking. Shop is onsite at Village Green

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Saying what you like is more powerful than saying what you don't like.


That Farm to Table dinner was wonderful and thank you for including me in the experience. It was an honor.I admire you and your courage, you are an emerging butterfly with a beautiful vision for creating community. I will enjoy watching!
Debra Prinzing,   
 author of    'Slow Flowers'    and     '50 mile bouquet'

This past fall, I did a work exchange with Vera through the WWOOF program (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). I learned more from her than I ever could have hoped for - not only about organic gardening, but about life and how to dive in and use your strengths and resources to make your community a better place.
Until meeting Vera, I'd done most of my life's learning in an academic setting. But Vera taught me more than any textbook ever could. Instead of just telling me about permaculture, she lived permaculture and applied it to every aspect of her home and business. She gave me permaculture books, exposed me to experts in the field, and empowered me by giving me the opportunity to write about and share what I'd learned. Now, I am passionate about permaculture, and it guides my career and my life. Similarly, Vera introduced me to herbal medicine through a workshop at the Village Green, and herbs are now a fascinating and beneficial part of my lifestyle. These are just two of many examples of how the short period of time I spent interning with Vera impacted me profoundly.
Vera taught me practical concepts about rain gardens, mulching, weeding, and backyard habitats. She taught me that I can use my own two hands, talents, creativity, and ingenuity to create value-added products. I'll never forget how I felt when someone purchased a wreath she'd taught me to make using birch branches from the ground. She also taught me the importance of good friends, food, art and music. But Vera taught me most about community. She let me shadow her at meetings of the White Center Community Development Association and the White Center Chamber of Commerce. The unique group of White Center community members now have a special place in my heart. Unlike my hyper-academic, East Coast peers, who researched and analyzed topics to the point of paralysis, when Vera and the White Center crew identified a need in their community, they gathered and dove in head-first to fix it - and they got things done. Vera lets her emotions and passions fuel her. She follows her heart and her intuition. She is not afraid to take risks, and during my time with her, I found a new level of my own courage and strength.
I am always curious and excited to hear about whatever causes Vera takes on - because undoubtedly, they will be better off with her on-board.
Risa Waldoks

Village Green Perennial Nursery is like a garden forest fantasy. Captivated by the grounds, a children's garden, ponds, swings, and climbing trees, it's an outdoor palace! I went there when I needed a house warming gift and found a sweet vintage looking pot filled with a healthy, vibrant green succulent. It was perfect. Highly recommended, bring your family!
Ebba Lucander

Vera, you have been a tremendous help to me. This is my first house and therefore my first garden. I have so many beautiful plants that I have purchased from
you and they thrive wonderfully because of your knowledge and advice . I tell everyone about you, even non-gardeners. You are always kind and welcoming when we stop by and I always look forward to weekends because that's when I can stop by and say hello.
Winifred Harrison

Flowers by Debra Prinzing

A comment made after a recent visit from a local writer who had brought a friend to visit Village Green forthe first time....
'he talked a lot about what a rich experience it was. I said, “Look, just getting to meet Vera and be in her space for a while is a privilege,” and he was like: “So true!”

Monday, September 30, 2013

Slowing down, enjoying the view

Mason bee boxes

I love the smell of coffee in the morning and a piping hot Quiche coming out of the oven.
  Nothing makes me feel more in touch with life than slowing down and cooking something really delicious, eating from some of my handmade plates and drinking from hand crafted mugs.
 Today, I decided to use my Heirloom china from the aunt I was named after to take a step even further into an intimate part of myself  and my history. I invited some guests over to share that kind of day with me and wanted to make sure it was extra special and memorable, so, naturally I made a theme out of it, by incorporating freshly harvested honey to each item on the menu.

To get a feel of what it's like to live here, and spend time in my space, the table was set up out on the deck, overlooking the bees and my gardens and nursery. Watching them is a favorite past time, with a cup of tea, and a moment of quiet. The meditative work of a hive can calm me down in a very short time.

Being the kind of hostess I am, one who wants to go all out, giving guests a REALLY special treat... I started the meal with fresh wine grapes grown in my neighbors gardens, fresh cracked honey glazed walnuts, and warm honey butter scones with homemade strawberry jam. These are no ordinary scones. Buttery, slightly sweetened by the honey, flaky, drizzled with even more honey, they simply melt in your mouth.
 Having fresh eggs from our 11 laying hens means we are never short on eggs, and quiche is a favorite here. Today there were 2, the first was a rich caramelized onion and mushroom, the second a red pepper, onion and feta. Perfect crust, flaky and lightly browned.
  A salad of butter lettuce, mission figs, goat cheese and walnuts drizzled with honey, fresh from the hives was served as an accompaniment, light and flavorful.


Being here is like stepping back in time, slow food is the term given to food grown and prepared in this manner. There's a feeling of a simpler life, less hectic, perhaps like being on one of the islands. This does not feel like the city.

Simple syrup made of lemon verbena and honey perfectly blended with sparkling water reminds me that summer has only just been here, not long ago.



       The day was filled with  friendly warm and comfortable conversation,. Exactly what I crave.

Village Green honey