Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Saying what you like is more powerful than saying what you don't like.


That Farm to Table dinner was wonderful and thank you for including me in the experience. It was an honor.I admire you and your courage, you are an emerging butterfly with a beautiful vision for creating community. I will enjoy watching!
Debra Prinzing,   
 author of    'Slow Flowers'    and     '50 mile bouquet'

This past fall, I did a work exchange with Vera through the WWOOF program (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). I learned more from her than I ever could have hoped for - not only about organic gardening, but about life and how to dive in and use your strengths and resources to make your community a better place.
Until meeting Vera, I'd done most of my life's learning in an academic setting. But Vera taught me more than any textbook ever could. Instead of just telling me about permaculture, she lived permaculture and applied it to every aspect of her home and business. She gave me permaculture books, exposed me to experts in the field, and empowered me by giving me the opportunity to write about and share what I'd learned. Now, I am passionate about permaculture, and it guides my career and my life. Similarly, Vera introduced me to herbal medicine through a workshop at the Village Green, and herbs are now a fascinating and beneficial part of my lifestyle. These are just two of many examples of how the short period of time I spent interning with Vera impacted me profoundly.
Vera taught me practical concepts about rain gardens, mulching, weeding, and backyard habitats. She taught me that I can use my own two hands, talents, creativity, and ingenuity to create value-added products. I'll never forget how I felt when someone purchased a wreath she'd taught me to make using birch branches from the ground. She also taught me the importance of good friends, food, art and music. But Vera taught me most about community. She let me shadow her at meetings of the White Center Community Development Association and the White Center Chamber of Commerce. The unique group of White Center community members now have a special place in my heart. Unlike my hyper-academic, East Coast peers, who researched and analyzed topics to the point of paralysis, when Vera and the White Center crew identified a need in their community, they gathered and dove in head-first to fix it - and they got things done. Vera lets her emotions and passions fuel her. She follows her heart and her intuition. She is not afraid to take risks, and during my time with her, I found a new level of my own courage and strength.
I am always curious and excited to hear about whatever causes Vera takes on - because undoubtedly, they will be better off with her on-board.
Risa Waldoks

Village Green Perennial Nursery is like a garden forest fantasy. Captivated by the grounds, a children's garden, ponds, swings, and climbing trees, it's an outdoor palace! I went there when I needed a house warming gift and found a sweet vintage looking pot filled with a healthy, vibrant green succulent. It was perfect. Highly recommended, bring your family!
Ebba Lucander

Vera, you have been a tremendous help to me. This is my first house and therefore my first garden. I have so many beautiful plants that I have purchased from
you and they thrive wonderfully because of your knowledge and advice . I tell everyone about you, even non-gardeners. You are always kind and welcoming when we stop by and I always look forward to weekends because that's when I can stop by and say hello.
Winifred Harrison

Flowers by Debra Prinzing

A comment made after a recent visit from a local writer who had brought a friend to visit Village Green forthe first time....
'he talked a lot about what a rich experience it was. I said, “Look, just getting to meet Vera and be in her space for a while is a privilege,” and he was like: “So true!”