Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Making Your Own Medicine: Oils and Salves

1 Day workshop
Making Your Own Medicine:  Oils and Salves

Taught by J.T., Community-Centered Herbalist

Sunday September 26, 2010.  2-4 p.m..   
                 Village Green Perennial Nursery
Class cost:  $35.  Materials fee $7. 
Pre-register, class space is limited


Come learn how to make your own healing oils and salves with local
Northwest plants.  In class we will make an herbal salve effective for
cuts and scrapes, burns, diaper rash, eczema, and much more.  Experience
the medicine-making process from gathering the herbs to infusing the oil
to storing the finished salve.

If you would like to take home some infused oil for later salve making,
please bring with you a small (no bigger than 1/2 pint) glass jar and
enough olive oil to fill your jar. 

About J.T.:

J.T. has many years of practical experience gathering and making her own
medicine.  She graduated from local herbal and ethnobotanical
apprenticeships with both Ravencroft Garden and Earthwalk Northwest.
J.T. wrote the "Slow Medicine" column for Ravencroft Garden and
currently writes the popular "Mystery Plant" series for the Seattle
Homeschool Group.  She leads all-ages wildcrafting walks in the Seattle
area and teaches the "Making Your Own Medicine" series.  J.T. lives with
her husband and children in Seattle.

To Register for class or come in
Village Green Perennial Nursery
Facebook page
10223 26th Ave SW Seattle Wa. 98146      206-767-7735

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Natural Bee collection

Chemical-free collection of hornets.
The venom is used for allergy testing and homeopathy.

Honey collection

On a HOT, hot day
AND during the Sonic Boom of 2010...
we collected 2 gallons of honey....
While working the hives, we heard the huge KABOOM 2 times...
I was just thinking- ok-if this is it...I have some honey to eat before I go!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Best of White Center

Organic plants
Seattle Metropolitan magazine article...

Best of White Center

Organic Plants

Serious gardeners flock to the Village Green Perennial Nursery—nearly two acres of eye-popping perennials planted behind owner Vera Johnson’s lime-green home—to find collector’s roses or native ground covers, while small-scale growers snatch up pansies and pretty plant pots. Village Green Perennial Nursery, 10223 26th Ave SW, White Center, 206-767-7735;

Ice cream and Squirrel Butter...spread the word via @constantcontact

Ice cream and Squirrel Butter...spread the word via @constantcontact