Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hammer time...

Perspective, gratitude, blessings.
            Today, I am going to my blacksmith shop. Perhaps I'll hammer out some of my stress and anxieties while in the shop, or maybe I'll just open my heart and mind and see where I let go.
    I have not lit the forge in nearly 8 months. It's a Full moon eclipse today.  Seems like a great day for this ceremonial lighting.
    I have been thinking of the many useful objects I want to make for my home, and I do believe I've settled in on a specific item for the day. Curtain rods. Simple, functional and very much needed. Why does it take me so long to be practical???
     Who knows, and who cares? I'm just going to do this and stay in touch with my creative spark. I'll scrounge up all the reasons for the answers later....
   The full moon has a great influence on me and always has. I never know what will arise for me around the full moon. Typically it's a very emotional, heavy, thoughtful time of restlessness and indecision ending with a deep excavation of hidden feelings. The relief finally comes the day of the full moon when I awake with feelings of clarity. 
   I am riding the waves of anger and repressed feelings. Vulnerability has kicked my butt a few times this year and I'm committed to staying true to myself, moving forward while harming no one on my journey.          
   I have a reason for being here, on this planet, but also in this physical space. No one can take that away from me, and as I work on me, uncovering and healing I will be rewarded with the authentic me.
    I can own my power and move forward with courage and confidence. The only way to lose that is to give it away. That will not happen again. I am in full bloom. My wings are opening and I am embracing my full potential.

  I am filled with gratitude for the many gifts in my life. I have a place to do my work. My life is my art.
 This property has some very powerful healing energy. I have barely scratched the surface. My heart is full of love. For all.

    One of my daily practices is to send love and light to all, especially to those who have harmed me directly. Those who cause harm to others are not well, hurting somewhere inside. I wish goodness and healing to all. Love and compassion.
Today the Full moon has brought me to a new level of awareness.