Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby chicks


 We've had chickens for 7 years, and raised them form 2 days old...
so I'm no beginner,
HOWEVER... the current collection of baby chicks we are raising are so cute they make me squeel!
 Our chicken population has declined over the years...
old age, natural causes, very few predator we needed a new clutch to up the egg production. Have you ever tasted FRESH EGGS?
Seriously- there is no way to know until you KNOW the difference.
 We plan to keep 14 of the chicks. A mix, including Americaunas, Gold laced Wyandotte, Silver laced Wyandotte, Australorp, Barred Rock, Rhode Island red and Buff Orpington.

           For me, keeping chickens has been a natural addition to the garden. Whenever we weed the garden or nursery, practically all the weeds go to the chickens. They get so excited to see us walking towards the run. They know we have some exciting new treat for them to peck and scratch at- they are a busy bunch- they need fresh material.
    During the spring growing season I do not let them roam free-No No No! they will scratch up all my plants, eat the seedlings, and make a mess of things. I allow them to free range during the fall and winter and forage to their hearts content, but come spring...sorry gals, weeds and scraps for you till things are growing and well established...UNLESS I plan to watch them close, and then I let them out only for the last hour of sunlight. They will naturally go back to the coop to roost.
 Chickens are so amusing to watch. They have the funniest personalities, and can truly become a family pet. They will follow you if you around like a dog -we start them young, calling out to them when we approach them in the coop (I use the same sing song voice and repeat a phrase- like 'Hi Girls'), feeding them favorite treats, and sitting with them in the yard, resting.
 Isabella was one of those chickens- she was like a puppy. She follwed me everywhere-especially if i had food, or was digging in the soil-WORMS!
Isabella- family pet

We have 16 chicks to sell as pullets (3-6 month old chicks). Mixed breeds, as well as small moveable Coops and runs that house 5 hens, including laying boxes.

Stop in an ask us about chicken care- we are happy to share the knowledge.