Friday, April 8, 2011

Mason bees are hatching!

Yesterday as I puttered around the garden, pottting, trimming, planting and grumbling about the weather- Rain AGAIN??
I became keenly aware of an inordinate amount of bugs buzzing about...what is this all about????
  Seeing how I've only recently aquired a large quantity of Mason Bee houses and have placed them in varying groupings around the nursery, I am not accustomed to the vast amounts of happy pollinators that were Extremely happy to hatch aas soon as the SUN came out for a few hours!!!
 My heart was singing with joy- the SUN came out and warmed me- ahhhhh.... AND there were 100's of happy fuzzy bees (they DO NOT sting) all around!
 Spring! Spring! Spring!
Now let me say- they remind me of cute little fuzzy bunnies - however they will not eat my veggies nor my fruit- they will pollinate them!  BLISS!

If you plan to have fruit trees, berries or any kind of flowers or edibles- you really should keep mason bees.
They are so simple, so cute and they are fascinating to watch.
I must repeat- they DO NOT STING!