Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sustainable living

 Visiting us is like going to the San Juan Islands, but staying in the city. When you reach Village Green it's as if the hustle and bustle have all faded into the distant past. Here you will find a wooded setting with pathways leading through  display gardens sure to inspire a solution to many gardening questions.
 No longer will the kids complain when you tell them you are going to the nursery...we have something for all ages.
 A sand box for the young ones, chickens to feed, honeybees to watch as they return from foraging on the many trees and flowers. A hammock for a rest and some thinking...
You will truly forget about time and find peace and inspiration here. A very refreshing change from the traditional nursery settings. 
 Our goal is to educate people about ways to build and enrich the soil, care for plants and build community by working together. We strive to offer plants that invite natural pest control into your yard and offer safe suggestions of how to handle weed control as naturally as possible....
We believe in using organic and natural gardening practices. We compost as much as we can on site.
We keep honeybees, mason bees and chickens.

      We are growers of many herbaceous perennials, including many extremely hardy and reliable Daylily varieties, Herbs, Asters, Primroses, Solomon’s Seal, the largest collection of Hostas, and many more.
We have THE LARGEST collection of Northwest Native plant varieties-including Trillium Ovatum. 
Did you know?
Most of the plants that we do buy come from local growers. Many from within 50 miles.
We do this to support these growers and to help keep our local economy thriving. 

This choice also ensures that we are buying plants that are hardy in the Northwest.

In addition to perennials, we also propagate Old Roses from cuttings, growing them on their own roots for two years before offering them for sale.

We also use very good soils to grow our plant material in, including
Worm Castings and Certified Organic fertilizers, When you take a plant home with you, you can be confident it is potted up in good soil, ready to go into your garden. You are taking home Good Soil. Successful gardening starts with the soil.