Tuesday, July 17, 2012

White Center Garden tour 2012

   I have never organized a community wide event before....and now I can say that I have.

I was asked to do so this year- 4 weeks ago, with no prior knowledge of how it works-literally no formula whatsoever...nothing indicating how this event takes place- I was asked to 'wing-it'
   I had an idea or two of my own...however I was so very grateful when the original coordinator and founder of the White Center Garden tour -Peggy Weiss- answered my email and request for assistance. I asked her to please share her ideas with me as to how she organized the event fot the first 14 years.  She was so excited to see it in my hands and was more than pleased to offer her suggestions-take it or leave it, and just share her knowledge with me. WHEW! Thank you Peggy!
  Who will participate, who wants to know about it, how do we get the advetising together...pay for posters, postcards, media press release and so on-how do these things work?
 I asked a team of extremely resourceful people to help me-and we pulled together a very fun event-according to all the wonderful feedback from the gardeners, tourees and the community.
That is what makes it all worth it.
White Center Garden tour photos by Ellen Cedergreen

  This years garden's-with the exception of one, were given 2 days to decide they would be on the tour, and 2 weeks to prepare. In typical garden tours-folks have about 3-6 months to prepare and aticipate the excitement...
 I feel extremely grateful to have a connection to so many gardeners and the pool of vast knowledge about so many different kinds of gardening techiniques-so we were able to offer the garden tour as an educational tool to tour goers as well as inspiration.  My goal with the garden tour is to offer people the opportunity to see the many styles and different systems that there are-none being better than the other.
 I like to gently remind folks that gardens are for all levels and all styles. Kids gardens all the way to manicured. Gardening is an experience to appeal to all the senses and every style should be recognized for it's own personal adaptations.
 I live in the most culturally diverse community...why not show off as many garden styles?
I hope you enjoyed the tour, and I hope it has inspired you to read about some new techniques and implement some in your own yards and gardens.
My hope here in White Center is to see more yards and lawns converted to gardens-so we can all enjoy the benefits and community aspect that happens naturally when you spend time out-of-doors connecting with the neighbors and friends made by sharing information and working together.
   That is what makes a community a neighborhood, or a neighborhood a community.

thank you for coming out to the Garden tour-and if you missed it this year-there's always next year.