Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Garden makeover...rain gardens and woodlands

 I've been gardening most of my life...
and never do I tire of the endless creative possibilities.

  Gardens happen and develop over time. For me, it's a process and takes me from a concept, to actualized, as I do the work. There's a foundation of trust between myself and the client. We have to trust each other to work together.

  This time I'm invoved in a garden makeover with not just one, but two Rain gardens.
From the flat unexciting woodchipped "lawn" to luxurious backyard retreat.
    I just love it when the client has an idea and a vision-be it a huge 'pie in the sky' idea, or just a small 'please help me plant my flower garden' idea we can literally grow with.

This time the client and friend wanted an outdoor room, and a woodland garden.
Her contractor is a creative genious-and designed a spectacular secluded outdoor room with plenty of room for all sorts of artful adaptations, be it paintings, garden art or sculpture.

We had some basic ideas on paper, then with the help of an intern who is doing landscape design, we were able to build a design on sketchup and present the ideas to the client.
With a new building that will certainly be handling huge amounts of rainwater in the rainy seasons here in Seattle, I knew we needed to creat a rain garden or 2.
  The client likes fun and funky, so I suggested using rain chains  made from Recycled glass bottles from Bedrock industries that feed into a water way that would then feed into raingardens. We also discussed putting uplighting under the rain chains to accentuate the entrance since the rainchains flank the entrance to the outdoor room, as well as lighting the Magnolia and the maples to show off some of the garden at night.
More photos coming soon!