Friday, September 7, 2012

Plant your food forest now for harvest next year

Want more edibles to harvest? We have a huge selection...

*Apples-columnar, great for smaller spaces
*Aronia-gorgeous berries-for jams, pies or leave for birds-beautiful fall color
*kiwi-need male and female
*Evgn. Huckleberries- wild blueberries-NW Native
*Elderberries (black)-great for pies, jams, syrups to fight colds and flu
*pears-needs a pollinator/neighbor/dwarf variety
*Cherries-Danube-self pollinating
*Angelica -100's of uses for this herb

*ostrich ferns
*day lilies-eat the buds like squash
*Indian plum
*Mahonia Aquafolium-eat young leaves in
spring/also herbal remedies
*Strawberries-many varieties
****Marshall strawberries- Village Green introduction... NOT included in sale-here is why...( a variety described by Slow Food USA and the RAFT alliance in 2004 as one of the top ten endangered foods in the was once known as “the finest eating strawberry in America” “exceedingly handsome, splendidly flavored, pleasantly sprightly, aromatic and juicy”. Who could resist that? I had to taste one.)

***Antique roses-a very long history of culinary uses in oils, teas, cakes, syrups, salads, candied petals and so much more (not included in the sale-I grow each one on it's own roots from cutting, it takes 2 years to offer them for sale)

Hendrikus Organic fertilizers are the only fertilizers I use and the only one we sell.

*Seasons-good for raspberries for canes up to 6ft tall
*Humagic/soil enhancer combo-breaks up clay soil
*Bouquet-winter crops and bulb fertilizers well
*Organibloom for Azaleas, rhodies, hydrangeas, tomatoes, acid loving plants-fruiting trees and shrubs

*Worm castings-adds trace minerals and living microorganisms to your soil for strong root development, adding life to dead soils. 100% certified organic. Nothing less.

Come and see us-the ducks have grown so much and are quite eager to quack their greetings to welcome you!