Saturday, September 22, 2012

Organic fertilizers and soil mycorrhizae

Organic Fertilizers
Ciscoe LOVES it!
Why use anything less than the best for your garden?

I have been gardening for years. For many years I mixed all my own fertilizers...I'd buy 50lb bags of fertilizer ingredients, lug them around and custom blend them-a tiring and dirty dusty job!

I was also mail ordering mycorrhizae to add to my soil blends to stimulate healthy root-soil development.
I was blending and bagging the fertilizer to sell to my customers...
TIME consuming!
BUT, this was the most important component to healthy plants...HEALTHY SOIL

Seriously, there must be a better way!

I started exploring the fertilizer options and came across Hendrikus organics
StartRight is a balanced combination of endo-ecto mycorrhizae in a bio-stimulant nutrient base to assist new plants and transplants in their development of root systems and new hair roots. The name "Mycorrhizae" is Greek for fungus roots and it describes the mutually beneficial symbioses between these soil fungi and plant roots. A teaspoon of healthy soil can contain several miles of mycorrhizal filaments that play a fundamental role in establishing and extending root systems, improving plant nutrient and water uptake, disease resistance and plant growth, while reducing transplant shock and drought stress. StartRight re-establishes these essential soil fungi for healthy plant development.
(Reprinted from Hendrikus website) 

I now USE and sell EXCLUSIVELY the Hendrikus line.

For me-there has never been a better product, complete with clear instructions and nice packaging.