Saturday, June 23, 2012

inspiring gardeners make delicious cocktails!


What happens when inspiring gardeners become authors and decide to take it on the road?
They get a group of like minded garden folks together and serveup some  delicious herbal cocktails made from homemade simple syrups and enjoy themselves discussing food, growing all manner of edibles, pickling, canning and of course, bugs.
That's what we did over here anyway, at Village Green Perennial Nursery when Robyn Jasko and Jennifer Biggs, author and illustrator of Homesweet Homegrown came by on the book signing tour-first stop-Seattle!
 Seattle Urban Farm Company began by way of helping city folks learn how to grow food on urban plots and has exploded into a successful urban farm delopment operation and educational resource for schools, restaurants and homeowners. The new book, Grow food right, in your backyard is an invaluable resource for beginner backyard farmers.
 We were lucky enough to host them here and I am so happy to share thier passion for growing food, nurturing the earth and enjoying the  pleasures of educating about thoughtful garden practices.

Until next time...