Sunday, June 29, 2014

Antique rose simple syrup

Antique rose simple syrup

Made from ancient (historical old roses) rose petals grown organically here on the property.

Can be used in many different ways…

*Sparkling waters flavored to taste (talking rain)
For non alcohol spritzers…
2 tbsp syrup in a 12-14 oz glass
10 oz sparkling water
dash of fresh lemon or lime juice
stir, taste, adjust
add a fresh leaf of herb of choice-flower petals add a nice touch


*Proseco and syrup to taste

*Herbal tea sweetener

*Sweetener for herbal tea popsicles


*Ice cream

*Flavored ice cubes

For more information on how to make this syrup, please see my website instructional video:

Research some old roses: What makes an old rose an old rose?