Thursday, May 29, 2014

Weeds and what I think of them...

So there's this plant....
 It's usually called the Weed.    And since I'm weeding the garden, my first inclination is to take it out. Then I look at the visitor on the flower.
 Its a honey bee.
 I decide to leave the flower because who am I to decide what the bees need?
  If she's there collecting nectar, she needs the flower more than I need that weed gone.

I leave a lot of weeds in my garden. I love how plants will self seed and place themselves right where they need to be.... besides, how do I know where is THE best spot to grow?
I can only determine what I want.

I also watched the wild song birds visit those weeds and eat the seeds, and I wonder... when did I decide I know better then what the wildlife needs???
 And so, now, I leave weeds in small patches somewhere to encourage all the wild birds to visit my garden to help keep the pest population in check.

Gardens are supposed to be alive with life. I'll let nature happen and just enjoy it. If I'm willing to observe and listen, I can learn from the visitors.

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