Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Parent child pottery class

Pottery classes-  parent and child   $165

Ages 5 and up

Vera will be teaching.  Call to register, come in or paypal for class.

Tuesdays beginning October 15th 11am-12pm

1 parent, 1 child   (3 groups total)

Hand building. Learn the basics of hand building, score, slip, coils, pinch pots, beads or any sort of sculpture, garden monsters, fairy dishes, gargoyles... Let your imagination guide you.

Class includes: 

1 bag with class sign up  ($15 bag for sale here if you need more)




We use only white clay at this studio.

4 classes per session.

We have clean up standards to keep in the studio, so please help to maintain cleanliness in the studio. We'll cover it in the first class.

Please park on Street

Questions, please call 206-767-7735

Village Green Perennial Nursery

10223 26th Ave Sw