Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Honey harvest West Seattle

 Honey harvest season is here!

 Let's have a community Honey spin out!

       How it works...

September 15  11-4pm    $15 per hour

First-reserve your time slot!       Choose a time (please call/come in to reserve your slot and pre-pay, cash or check only)  Come 15 mins EARLY.  If you are late, you lose your spot and there's no refund.
11 am  (helps set up)
4pm  (taken-Katy)
5pm (last to spin helps to clean up)  (taken-Katy)
Plan for at least and hour, from my experience, 6-8 frames take about an hour to spin out
It takes 2 people to spin it out, so bring a friend (small children welcome, but you really need more help than that!)
 Bring your own clean food grade bucket for your honey to land in.  For 8 trays, anticipate 8-12lbs of honey (hard to be sure) You can take it home to jar it.
We'll be spinning in adjacent basement (away from bees!) next door. 10203 26th Ave. SW. Chainlink Gate will be open, please walk down. Blue house with green trim

I almost always miss a very important detail, so please ask.
Plan to help clean up with wet sponges and's a sticky gooey job that literally tastes fabulous!  Bring your frames (in hive boxes works best)

Vera Johnson
Village Green Perennial Nursery
10223 26th Ave SW
Seattle Wa 98146