Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm an Ohio transplant

I'm an Ohio transplant. I moved to Seattle almost 25yrs ago after visiting here for 11 days, and have never turned back. That visit included a trip to Port Townsend and the Pikes Market...seems likely I'd fall in love with Seattle.
I've worn many hats here in Seattle over the years, doing restaurant work, funky barista, Aveda Esthetician, finally settling in on gardening, photography, 
  pottery and metal work.
 I own and operate an organic nursery/small urban farm and gardening business, teach pottery, blacksmithing and other classes and workshops here at my home where I've lived for 10yrs.
 The story is long, but I've fought the banks to save my home from foreclosure. Now I'm a very active participant in many National foreclosure awareness groups and have quite a story to tell, if you'd ever like to hear it.
  I went to jail in D.C. fighting for the rights of others, on May 20th, 2013 at the DOJ protests.

This house and property represent more than a home and a garden. To me, it represents self expression, love, peace and personal choice.
  I've homeshooled my 2 kids, now 11 and 16 for 10yrs. I have made choices beyond the status quo. We are all unique and individual. I believe very strongly in embracing our differences and creating a peaceful world that encourages diversity, acceptance, respect and stewardship.  

I make a choice to live a certain lifestyle, and I hope to inspire others to give that gift to themselves.