Monday, June 1, 2015

Hardy perennials, organically grown.

Welcome to the world of the plant enthusiast.
I'm a plant wisperer for certain...I have honed in on some of my favorites to offer up for sale...

We carry a large selection of Hosta's, shade plants and many hard to find plants like
 carnivorous plants, Beesia,
 Impatiens omeana, hardy begonias, petasites japonicus, Rosa complicata, Rosa apothecary, York and Lancaster, Sissinghurst castle and more.
Also Japanese Maples, Dogwood shrubs with gold leaves and green and white variegated.
Northwest Natives include groundcover strawberry, Salal, sword ferns,
Trillium ovatum, fringecup, Crabapple, coltsfoot, monkeyflower and more.
I make my own soils, compost onsite, use only organic fertilizers and zero pesticides. All plants are openly grown outdoors year round. No forcing of growth or flowers.
These are very hardy reliable plants. You can be certain.
I'm a beekeeper, so I'm a very strict organic natural grower.
Visit our permaculture farm and see the many ornamental and native plants growing here in the
A piece of history.
June is Rose month. Our antique roses are fragrant, culinary and delightful. the Fragrance is heavenly here right now.
We also carry the largest collection of daylilies in the area.

gardens. We are a local business that's been here for 40 years.
Come check us out. See what is happening here in our back yard.