Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Where...can I see it?

I'm a country girl at heart. I no longer care much for this city life.

 But I found this piece of land to work and I've turned it into something really incredible. I can't imagine leaving, and sometimes.... I can't imagine staying.

19 years in West Seattle, 25 in Seattle on and off, with time spent living in Santa Cruz, D.C. and southern Maryland.

 I grew up visiting salvage yards with my dad. He always needed a faucet or a match for some hardwood flooring...we combed through used materials in big old barns down long county drives.

  I spent summer days running through orchards and eating fresh fruits. I drove a truck at 14. We had horses, sheep for a time, and I had a pony named Blackie.

We picked morel mushrooms in the woods in May and wild elderberries in August.
We had giant farm gatherings with family  sometimes topping out at 150 people. We fished in the ponds on hot summer days. I miss that life. I wanna go back.

       This space and this land, I've cultivated something pretty special here, yet, I crave solitude.
Inside I cry. Give me space. Silence the noise. Let me think, create, love.

  Don't judge me. Attempt to understand me.