Friday, June 3, 2011

Salad and more salad

I wandered through the garden thinking I must simply look at the colorful leaves emerging, the beautiful textures, the heavenly sweet scent of so many different flowers and shrubs in bloom here, at my little slice of heaven here on earth...
Much to my surprise, my spinach leaves were resembling giant hosta leaves-the size of dinner plate!
Tthat proves it's been a few days since I'd visited this part of the yard! I grabbed a harvest basket and set to work gathering my soon to be lunch...

red-veined dock- a perennial leafy green
lettuce in every color
purple wave GIANT mustard leaves- a beautiful plant!!!
mints in every flavor...
viola flowers in bright jewel tones
pineapple sage

I personally love to blend these makes for an exciting salad-someof the flavors make you wake up and take notice!

I had a huge overflowing abundance of beautiful green goodness to eat-and share!

My strawberries and raspberries not being ripe yet...I purchased some organic in they went with the greens along with feta cheese, almons and raspberry vinagrette- delicious!

And there is plenty left for today!

Let me just say-the slad was stunningly beautiful! 

I paired this salad with another salad...
Avacado and mango tossed with lime, olive oil and cilantro

See you in the garden!