Monday, August 3, 2015

Organic versus GMO...yawn... another try...

You don't understand and want to know why it's so expensive to buy organic, and it's not readily available to people with low income or food stamps?  READ between the lines
*People need to demand answers from the government about why it's so expensive to buy organic.

*Why is cheap genetically modified and processed food so inexpensive and readily available?

Well... Just to obtain certification for organic labeling by a farmer the costs are so outrageously expensive putting financial pressure on the farmers who already can't afford it,  we're talking many thousands of dollars annually...which is why so many take subsidies and GMO seeds just to stay in production.
 Have you noticed you can go to any hardware store or convenience store and buy chemically infused foods and obtain gallons of environmental chemical warfare to put in your body and on your plants and garden for super cheap?

    And all that crap doesn't have to be labeled with a warning label telling us that it's Bad for our health and CAUSES cancer? Guess who sets the standards? We do when we don't demand truth equality and a right to know.
   And there's a QUESTION as to why things should be labeled GMO???  I smell a profits over people game, we're the pawns,we are the real losers. Yeah, your babies, children and your pets are playing on lawns, soccer fields, parks and in gardens saturated in chemicals, the bouquets you buy at the groceries are sprayed with a Molotov cocktail of roundup and who knows what. Dow chemical company (or another one) is in your carpets, cleaning products, paper plates, linens, even foods, detergents, plastic cups, car wash soaps, furniture, garden plants and miracle grow!! and many many more things you wouldn't even guess. 

Chemicals and fake foods. Think about that for a bit.            Or, go back to sleep.    It's easier.