Monday, February 2, 2015

Early dismissal clay genius

March 25th, early dismissal clay genius workshop   2:30-5 pm.  $40.
5 kids max, ages 9 and up
IMG_7381  IMG_7393
clay/handbuilding workshop for 9yrs and up
need a safe place for your kids for the early dismissal? Does your child love to play with clay and art materials?
We will explore hand building by creating interesting shapes that can later be used in mixed media projects.
Each class comes with unlimited potential, unbridled creative abilities and certainly some laughter and fun. Oh, we’ll work with clay, too. Fearless exploration. No specific agenda.
Pack a snack, bring water. Wear older clothes that can get dirty
Parent release form required for each child. Please be certain this is a class your child will enjoy.
Park out front and walk down the driveway to the rear of the house, the studio is under the deck through the purple door.
Vera  206-819-8544 call to confirm sign up