Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beginning Beekeeping classes at Village Green Nursery

Interested in beekeeping?

Want to connect with others and develop your network of fellow 'beeks'

A two part class to get you ready for bees in your garden in 2014.

The first class will introduce you to the life cycle of the honey bee and the basic tools and equipment needed to set up a hive or two in your yard. The second class will discuss the management of hive/s through the course of the year, honey harvest and preparation for winter.

The instructor, Christine Ranegger, has been a hobby beekeeper in Seattle for 5 years and is an Apprentice Level beekeeper as part of the Master Beekeeper Certification Program with the Washington State Beekeepers Association.

8 and 10 frame hives, frames and foundation plus some supplies to get you started will be available for purchase.

Class dates and times are

 Feb.  23 & March 23 1-3:30

  April  5th    12:30-pm-4:30

Cost for each class is $30 or $50 for both classes.