Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beekeeping supplies West Seattle

Village Green now carries beekeeping supplies!
Making your garden or yard home to a colony of pollinators supports your community’s ecosystem, strengthens your connection to this incredibly important species, and—perhaps best of all—means that fresh, raw honey is never far from your pantry.
Queen bee bee'ing cared for by her girls. She's actually laying eggs here.

Complete boxes, priced as fully-built or materials only.
10 frame hive   $198.00 unbuilt
10 frame  built $243
10 frame $318 built (with colony, limited)

8 frame
8 frame $154.60 unbuilt
8 frame $ 199.60 built/complete
8 frame $274.60 built (with colony, limited)
Click the link below for single component pricing:
Bee Hive Pricing List Village Green