Friday, January 11, 2013

The body gives up, the love still exists

She awoke throughout the night, struggling to just exist.
 Confused, her body no longer worked as it had at one time.
 Her hips displaced, her legs no longer cooperating
She was ambling, not knowing where to go or what she is capable of

She was gently put back into bed.
The comforting sounds of her dearest loved one settled into her soul
 and carried her through the night.

She had others to visit
She had to say goodbye to just a couple more loved ones

the morning brought confusion and concern
she was taken to seek help,
 by her most beloved friend,
 in a last chance effort to heal her

Arriving home, her only desire to lay quietly and rest
soothed by the many comforting hands
of the loved ones surrounding her...
she hung on to these last few moments

kind words whispered in her ear,
encouraging well wishes
memories shared
she stayed with us
looking at each of us with sadness and deep longing

I felt it. She was saying goodbye.

We needed to get out, go for a walk.
We headed to the Grotto.
A place for prayer, meditation and peace
a fitting place to be at a time of such great transition

Her time came to pass on
She let go
allowing herself to fall into a deep peaceful sleep
that brings the eternal happiness
finding long lost friends who had gone before

She arrives
by those who have waited for her to join them in play again

Feb 25th 2012