Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is that sweet scent? What is that pretty flower?

The journey begins with the nose...
with so many blooming shrubs and  flowers, most potted in containers, some planted in the ground- heck- they are everywhere-howvere...finding the one whose bewitching fragrance is luring you further in- that is more like a treasure hunt, and you may find yourself completely forgetting what you're even looking for!
 I know I do!

*Rhodedendron occidental- FRAGRANT! NW native variety
*Abelia mosanensis- FRAGRANT!
*Lilac- dark purple- sweet yummy old fashioned fragrance
*sweet woodruff-fragrant
*Rosa-Old Blush-fragrant
*Scented geraniums-mmm, sweet-makes a nice addition to cold drinks, smoothies, jams and jellies, syrups
*Wall flowers- FRAGRANT!

Pretty flowering shrubs and perennials that attract hummingbrids, songbirds and wildlife-as well as some very important predatory bugs- balance.

*Red flowering currant- hummingbirds!
*Twinberry-NW native-very pretty yellow twin blooms, then twin berries-think hummingbirds and songbirds!
*Evergreen huckleberry- delicious, hardy, adaptable fruiting shrub. NW native
*Kerria Japonica- japanese rose- a suckering shrub with yellow pom pom flowers-cute-combine it with 
  lilacs for a colorful display!

Cut flowers
Columbines- Black, pink, white, red, purple...
Geum rivale- a very sweet old fashioned flower- great cut flower. NW native
Geum- reds, oranges
Fringecups- cute cute cute! hummingbirds!!
Heucheras- all leaf colors, ground covers
Geraniums- hardy, woodland and full sun varieties -so many to choose from-nice cut flowers!
Veronica gentianoides- an old fashioned grouncover, light blue flowers-rare in the trade.

Done blooming (pollinated by our mason bees and honeybees) and setting fruit...
Indian plum

Unusual NW natives-just because we can...
Devil's club
currant- a few varieties
piggy back plant
blue eyed grass
penstemon serraulatis